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Imagine What's Real

A person’s imagination can be very powerful. Almost every amazing invention, such as the TV, airplane, and cell phone began in someone’s imagination. You may be surprised to know how difficult it is, if not impossible, to do anything without first imagining it.

The story of the Friends trying to find Chloe in the children’s book, Finding Chloe, never would have happened if it were not for all the times they came to life in Chloe’s imagination! Over the years when Chloe visited her Nana and Pop-Pop, she would create countless, fun experiences with her Friends.

During their years together, Chloe and the Friends did so many things together that it would be impossible to fit them into one book. With every visit to Pop-Pop’s and Nana’s house, there was always something different and somehow very special happening with these friends. And it happened indoors and outdoors. Like jumping on the trampoline together with Chloe laughing hysterically at the way Cherry Bunny and Baby Bear would bounce in every direction and crash into one another. sitting in their chairs around the table at lunchtime while Chloe feasted on mac ‘n cheese. …or everyone on the couch watching Lassie (1994), Annie (2012), or “Masha and the Bear” cartoons. …or going to Chloe’s make-believe school where Chloe was the teacher, sliding down the slide and landing on top of one another, or gathering around Nana or Pop-Pop while they read from a storybook.

When little boys and girls spend a lot of time having fun with their toys (even stuffed animals), which somehow are more than just toys, it is easy imagining those toys coming alive and doing amazing, unexpected things. Sometimes those things can be a lot of fun, exciting, and very real. Sometimes those very real experiences, spawned by someone’s imagination, can come alive in other ways, such as a story in a book or feeling in a poem, all of which often lead to other new and fertile imaginations.

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