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"Meet the Author" - My First Event!

With great anticipation, I announce plans for my first meet-the-author event scheduled for Friday, October 6, 2023, at the Georgetown Boys & Girls Club, 115 Race Street, Georgetown, DE.

I have visited this Boys & Girls Club many times through the years. I love the children who come to this Club every day after school. They are wonderful. No less affection for the staff members who dedicate themselves every day to helping each child achieve his or her full potential. The director, Renee Hickman, is one of a kind. She is spiritually grounded and professionally committed to the well-being of the children and their families. No wonder parents love her and entrust their children to her program, year in and year out.

What does this mean? I could not be more pleased and honored to stand before the children of this Boys & Girls Club in hope of helping them believe how they too can write and publish a book, or do whatever they imagine doing.

Shawn Gaines, a talented artist who illustrated Finding Chloe, will accompany me and address the children as well, encouraging the children who like to draw to work at developing their skills and becoming the best they can be. That will be his message for all the children, whatever their interests and skills may be.

Another reason I look forward to this event: The reaction I sense from the children for this book may be added inspiration to complete the book's sequel.

It should be a wonderfully enjoyable and enlightening experience. My thanks to Renee Hickman and the Georgetown Boys & Girls Club staff for making this possible. Also, I'm grateful to Maddie Milligan, Boys & Girls Club's outstanding Marketing Director for designing the poster the Club will use to promote the event.

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