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P. D. Kline

Author: Poetry/Prose - Teacher - Copy Editor - Mentor - Facilitator - Speaker 

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New Release

Finding Chloe (2023)

Join the heart-racing adventures of a group of colorful, lovable characters, who just happen to be stuffed animals, as they set out on a daring journey to find their friend, a little girl who used to bring them to life with her love, joy, and imagination. Not knowing which way to go and how to get there, they encounter frustration, disappointment, and danger that leave them wondering if they will ever find their way back home, let alone find Chloe. The more they stay together and help one another, the more determined they become to keep going. Understanding they are stuffed animals and learning what they can and cannot do becomes part of their journey, that and meeting some unforgettable characters who make the adventure even more memorable.

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Arriving in 2024!

Finding Friends

In this much anticipated sequel to Finding Chloe, an exciting new adventure, with surprising twists and turns, unfolds for Chloe and Friends in a way that will have meaning for readers of all ages.
Watch for P. D. Kline's new children's book, scheduled to release by summer 2024.

The exciting sequel to Finding Chloe is on the way and due to release by summer 2024.

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