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P. D. Kline's Biography

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Paul Donald Kline was born in Syracuse, New York, USA. His name changed to G. Christopher Basher at the time of his adoption. He has studied and composed poetry for much of his life. He credits a fascination with the way the writing process sometimes unfolds. In his own words, "Nothing in human experience truly mirrors the way a woman nurtures and brings forth life, though there are a few small similarities in the writing process. Having been impregnated by a thought or imagination, experience or observation, word or feeling, a poem or story can take on a birthing process all its own. The writer, like a surrogate mother, feels the life form within, carries the child full term, labors through countless contractions, which may be intense, then feels the joy and pride in beholding his or her very heart and soul."

​Having taught English, Language Arts, and American Literature, Kline has shared his passion for creative writing with high school and middle school students. He is quick to clarify that he received far more inspiration from his students than he ever could have imparted to them.

P. D. Kline (Chris Basher) resides in Dover, Delaware with his wife and guardian angel of 52 years. Dearly loved are his three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

His professional career spans more than 40 years in nonprofit youth development services, including teacher, youth bureau director, and Boys & Girls Club executive administrator.


Favorite among numerous awards and recognition: "Spirit of Justice" (U.S. Department of Justice), "Contribution to the Profession" and "Horizon Award" (Boys & Girls Clubs of America), "Greatest Teacher" (Seventh-Grade Students, St. John the Evangelist School, New Hartford, NY).

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