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Poetry & Prose

Like a painter mixing colors from his palette, the author blends the breathtaking beauty of the mountains, lakes and trees with the legendary wildlife of the North Woods, its flora, sport, and recreation. For added depth and hue, he draws from its rich Native American history, its divine creation, and his own personal and family experience (with a touch of humor) to lead the reader on a hike to the high peaks and spring-fed lakes of the soul.

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Published & Released 2022

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Selected Poems 2010-2016

From intricately crafted sonnets to powerfully raw free verse, Straining to Catch Every Leaf includes a wide variety of poems to appeal to the eternally curious. Poet P. D. Kline's wistful verses capture the uncertainties of life and the attraction of the unknown. In this unique collection, he explores life, death, hope, parenthood, and more.

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Published & Released 2017


Children's Book

Join the heart-racing adventures of a group of colorful, lovable characters, who just happen to be stuffed animals, as they set out on a daring journey to find their friend, a little girl who used to bring them to life with her love, joy, and imagination. Her name is Chloe, and she is now eight years old. It has been a while since they have seen her, and they miss her so much. Not knowing which way to go and how to get there, they encounter frustration, disappointment, and danger that leave them wondering if they will ever find their way back home, let alone find Chloe. The more they stay together and help one another, the more determined they become to keep going, even as they face their fears. Understanding they are stuffed animals and learning what they can and cannot do becomes part of their journey, that and meeting some unforgettable characters who make the adventure even more memorable.

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Published & Released
June 10, 2023

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Children's Book

With great anticipation after years of waiting, 10-year old Chloe spends the weekend at her grandmother's house and reunites with her beloved Friends. She hasn't seen them in a long time and wonders whether she has outgrown her lovable and heroic stuffed animals. The Friends, of course, haven't outgrown her and are so excited to be with her again. Even Chloe could not have imagined what else was waiting for her on what was to be a quiet, peaceful, safe, and happy time with her Nana. What she would learn about herself, the Friends, and others, she would take with her the rest of her life; and what she showed others would change the rest of theirs.  


Anticipated Release - June, 2024


New Poetry

Nurtured by his lifelong engagement with poetry, here are P. D. Kline's most richly metaphorical, clear, and welcoming poems crafted with a heart  for everyday people and life's simple truths and wonders.


Like an investigator dusting for fingerprints, he approaches ordinary objects and experiences for clues to universal truths and what really matters in life.


Unafraid to challenge current sociopolitical trends, he offers substantive perspectives in authentic pursuit of what is right and good.


Sifting through what is wrong and wrecked in this world, he remembers those he will never see again and the way they helped preserve his hope and sensibilities.


Throughout this work, the reader will gain a sense of how the ordinary moments in our lives matter, how they serve as a window to abiding wisdom and understanding.

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Anticipated release - April 2024

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